Feb 07

Between Two Cultures

Classical Arabic music met classical Western composition Sunday night at the reception of the “Between Two Cultures” musical event at the Danish Ambassador’s Residence.

The evening included a welcoming speech by the Ambassador, an introduction to the “Between Two Cultures” project and presentation of the poster, followed by an intimate concert, where the work “Al-Ghareebah” by Sune Kølster, one of the heads of the project, was performed for the first time.

Between Two Cultures is a 3-days workshop, starting today arranged DEDI. Under the supervision and guidance of composer Sune Kølster (Denmark) and Dr. Nahla Matar (Egypt) four young Egyptian composers and four professional Egyptian musicians have joined to explore the field between classical Arabic maqam tonality and contemporary/”classical” Western composition. The outcome of the workshop will be performed at a public concert at the Arabic Music Institute on the 13th of February.Last nights concert was performed by Micheal Onsy, Mariam el-Mamlouk, Khaled Saleh and Mohammed Abdel Fattah, and the poster is made by Danish animator, Sara Koppel.


Wednesday the 13th of February at 7pm

The Arabic Music Institute

22 Ramsis Street, Downtown