Nov 15

First Meeting with NACE National Egyptian Subnetwork

NACE is a platform that connects and enhances the diverse initiatives of Civic Education in the Arab Region. To do this, it initiates research on CE’s role and methodologies, gathers and systematizes knowledge on initiatives and activities of CE in the region. It networks individuals and institutions active in the field to help make their work stronger and more focused. NACE objective is to connect and enhance the diverse initiatives of Civic Education in the Arab Region through, 1) providing overview of stakeholders, approaches, practices, requirements of CE in the Arab region, 2) Developing a knowledge hub for CE in the Arab Region, 3) Bridging the knowledge gap between academics and practice in CE, 4) Stimulating research and cooperation between academics and practitioners related to CE in the Arab Region and across the Mediterranean.

The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute in cooperation with Goethe Institute and Tahrir Lounge launched a national chapter in Egypt for the regional network. DEDI organized a kick off meeting for the National network on the 30th of  October. The first meeting in 2018 was hosted by Elke Kaschl Mohni, Goethe-Institut Cairo, Menan Farag, DEDI and Mona Shahien, Tahrir Lounge@Goethe.

As a lot of organizations and individuals attended a NACE meeting for the first time, the meeting started with an introduction of the history of NACE, both on the regional and national level, its vision, values, objectives and activities.

The central aim of the meeting was the continuation of the network consolidation. Discussions thus centered in a first round on (knowledge) exchange of attendees on training offers and needs, possible venues for trainings, NGO database (s. below), experiences and ideas for the network. Subsequently, working groups focused on crucial elements of the network itself (communication, objectives governance, core group).

The meeting was facilitated by Rana Gaber, Ambassadors for Dialogue. All four host and facilitating organisations are Steering Committee or Advisory Board members of NACE. The meeting agenda was designed in a participatory manner with the purpose of providing the opportunity to network, share experiences and best practices, discuss common challenges and opportunities while introducing the participants to NACE visions and values.

Attendance was upon invitation. In addition to the organisations who already attended the meeting in October 2017, the invitation was extended to further actors and institutions in the field of Civic Education in Egypt. Sixteen institutions attended the event with 27 participants in total, among those two freelancers without institutional affiliation.