Jun 27

Call for a Researcher | Sustainability and Environment

Keeping in-line with the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative’s (DEDI) strategic objective of promoting good governance and sustainable development between Denmark and Egypt, and capitalizing on the Initiative’s inter-governmental status; DEDI is launching a new track on Environment and Sustainability in 2019, under the Civic Education Programme.

The launching phase of the new track will set the grounds for the DEDI’s strategy on Sustainability and Environment by conducting an analytical mapping of the relevant actors and partners in the field in Egypt and Denmark, with the purpose of identifying DEDI’s future intervention areas, taking into consideration the expertise within the field of civic education DEDI has developed over a long period of time.

For this assignment, DEDI will be hiring an external researcher for the period July to October 2019 with the following tasks: To build up a resource base on the status of the environmental scene in Egypt and Denmark, including; policies, main challenges, and actors (institutional and non- institutional) also covering both future possible partners and target audiences for this intervention, with the overall purpose of assisting DEDI in developing a relevant strategy for its future work within the field of Environment and Sustainability.



Based on its long experience within the field of engaging youth in its Civic Education Programme and on the Initiative’s long standing record of creating dialogue between Denmark and Egypt, DEDI wish to secure capacity building and networking among relevant practitioners, institutions and responsible citizens – especially youth and women – under the large umbrella of Sustainability and Environment.


Therefore, DEDI’s Civic Education Programme on Sustainability and Environment will include three main components:

1) Developing a resource base,

2) Education for awareness and engagement, and

3) Knowledge sharing and exchange between policymakers and practitioners between and within the two countries.



The specific objectives of the assignment will be to:

  1. To identify and document the stakeholders/actors active in Egypt and Denmark (CSOs including networks and alliances, NGOs, government bodies, donors, corporate foundations, academic and research organizations and any other relevant actors/stakeholders);
  2. To identify the main type and scale of interventions of engagement related to DEDI’s mandate and programmes, which will help establish a baseline of the efforts in those areas;
  3. To document existing interventions in capacity building efforts for civil society organisations;

Scope of work

The main areas of work will be happening at three levels:

  1. Collecting basic information on the environmental challenges in Egypt and Denmark to help DEDI understand the most urgent needs and existing opportunities under different themes, such as: Climate Change, Water Resources, Waste Management, Clean Energy, Green Economy, Biodiversity, etc.
  2. Mapping of actors/stakeholders active in Egypt and Denmark:
  • Identify the relevant governmental and civil society actors in Egypt and Denmark at the different levels: policy makers, NGOs, networks, research centers, youth initiatives, etc. working in the areas of Sustainability and Environment.
  • Assess the relevant existing domestic efforts (including government, foundations, corporate) in the field of policy making and capacity building.
  1. Analysis of the aforementioned factors to highlight development opportunities in the field and propose potential intervention areas for DEDI.

Expected deliverables

  • An inception report which responds to the scope of work by adding any further detail or clarification regarding the timeline, mapping approach, method, or implementation arrangements;
  • Mapping plan to be presented to DEDI for comment, and revised as necessary prior to implementation;
  • A comprehensive mapping report and collection of secondary data;
  • Analysis and Strategy recommendation.


The task is anticipated to be completed in 8 weeks. The consultant will be expected to start working by July 2019 and complete all responsibilities and deliverables by the end of September 2019.

Required Skills and experience

  • Education: Master’s degree in International and Political Affairs, Development Studies, Social Sciences or a related field.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the Environment and Sustainability field in Egypt. Knowledge or experience with the field in Denmark is preferable.
  • Experience in the design and implementation of mapping projects, assessments or surveys including qualitative and quantitative data collection;
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of research methodologies and processes;
  • Technical knowledge about environmental challenges, green technology etc.


Submission of proposal

The proposal shall include financial and technical parts and contain:

  • Updated CV,
  • Consultants profile including past achievements,
  • A brief overview of the assignment as understood by the applicants,
  • Proposed methodology and approach including work plan (i.e. mapping techniques to be used, quality assurance and time frame),
  • Detailed budget,
  • Annexes: Any other information, which the consultant feels will assist the review team in evaluating the proposal


Interested consultants should submit the proposal to Ms. Youssra Fouda at ywf@dedi.org.eg by July 10th, 2019.