Jun 10

Call for Applications: Dialogue Practitioners Summer School (Danes Only)

The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) would like to invite you to participate in this year’s Dialogue Forum. The forum aims at bringing together 12 young Egyptians and 12 Danes to practically explore and engage in dialogue. This year’s Dialogue Forum, in partnership with the Danish Youth Council (DUF) and the Danish Center for Dialogue, will focus on exchange of experience and knowledge among Egyptian and Danish dialogue practitioners under the theme: “Dialogue Tools: differences in contexts – differences in methods or styles?”

By Dialogue Practitioners, we mean people who engage in and/or facilitate dialogue between Youth. Dialogue Practitioners could be coming from different fields such as art and culture, civic education, youth development, gender, youth participation etc., with the common aspect of wanting to sharpen the use of dialogue as a part of their methodology. The Practitioners may have already contributed to the development of dialogue tools or facilitated dialogue activities, but wish to become more aware of the impact dialogue has on their target groups and are eager to develop and revise dialogue tools with others working in similar fields, exchanging knowledge, challenges, and best practices.

This year’s forum will be for 6 days on the 12th -17th of August in Haslev, Denmark. All expenses are covered by DEDI.

Who’s the right candidate:

The eligible applicant is a 20-35 years old Egyptian or Dane, and would consider themselves a dialogue practitioner. S/He should typically be willing and enthusiastic about working in teams among a diverse group of participants. An applicant must be completely dedicated to the forum and fully present during the forum week. Selection will intend to fulfil a high degree of cultural and social diversity among participants.

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**The application is closed for Egyptians. Danes only can still apply with a deadline on the 30th of June 2018.