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 Civic Edutainment Manual Volume.2.

Edutainment Manual 2 – learning with a smile

There is so much we want to learn, so why not do it while being entertained and feeling at ease? This is what “edutainment” is all about and at present, edutainment is becoming more and more popular in Egypt among initiatives and organizations: Using edutainment methods makes workshops much more appealing and engaging.

Aiming to enhance and facilitate the use of edutainment, DEDI has produced two manuals introducing various methods and explaining how to practice them. The first manual was launched in 2019 and the second was launched in February this year.

Edutainment Manual Volume 2 has been produced in cooperation with Ambassadors for Dialogue Egypt and contains presentations of three different methodologies used by three different initiatives: The Mortagal Team (formerly known as Al7awy team) using performing arts; The Animation School – Jesuit Cairo using simulation and Nut Initiative using feminist writing and storytelling.

The author, Menna Tullah Reda, has a master’s degree in Sociology and Social Anthropology from the Central European University and has been a development and civil society practitioner for more than eight years, focusing primarily on youth work.

The manual endeavors to bring together theory and practice, both local and international, pertaining to civic edutainment to better understand how to work with civic edutainment methodologies in Egypt. An overview of the literature on civic education, edutainment and edutainment practices in Egypt has therefore been included.

The documentation of each of the three initiative starts with a definition of the methodology and a summary of how it was used in different contexts. Following that is an introduction of the initiative and its philosophy, how it arrived at the methodology in question, how it implements the said methodology and general reflections on the methodology.

The manual is geared toward educators and civil society practitioners who can incorporate these

methodologies into their learning experiences and program design efforts. Researchers can also benefit from this manual since it brings together theory and practice on civic edutainment and its potential in Egypt.

The Launch event was held at DEDI and following a welcome speech by DEDI’s Civic Education Unit Team which is running the edutainment project in cooperation with Ambassadors for Dialogue Egypt, representatives from the three featured projects introduced their methods.

Also, Ayman El Hosseini who has translated the Manual into Arabic, explained the challenges of finding the right words. Finally, the participants had a vibrant discussion on the next steps for the Civic Edutainment Manual and how to capitalize on the existing efforts. The event was open to public and attended by a number of Civic Education practitioners and partners of DEDI.

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Edutainment Manual 1 (English)

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