Aug 25

Civic Education for Participation program activities in 2014

During a pilot phase completed in 2013, DEDI, DIPD and NIMD supported two Egyptian organizations, Egyptian Democracy Academy (EDA) and the Cairo Center for Human Development (CCHD), to develop and run youth training in Egypt (Giza and Monofiya Governorates.

Young activists, politicians, representatives of local government, private sector and media are thoroughly trained on democratic concepts, participation in local government, public policy and more. The training provided the participants with knowledge and skills to become active players in their local political context and in the long run, a network of well-trained democrats from different sectors of society will develop.

180 hours of instruction by Academics, covering six separate modules (140hrs in-class, 40 out-of-class, divided into bi-weekly 3-hour sessions, over the course of 8-9 months to be added to Egypt’s pool of young political actors and community leaders who have the necessary skills, knowledge and values to contribute, in a meaningful way, to the nation’s democratic development.