Sep 01

Dialogue Forum 2014

Every year DEDI organises a themed workshop for young Egyptians and Danes to share and develop thoughts about a yearly theme that is critical and meaningful for both cultures. The workshop activities are designed to be inspiring, reflective & creative, taking into account not only the specifics of each of the two cultures but also on what lies in between.Aim• Building an understanding of democracy using tools of dialogue.• Participants and organizing team formulating ideas and concepts relating to democracy. • Redefining democracy: Democracy in the social context as well as the political. • Differentiating between democracy as a method of governance, democracy as a culture and the tools of democracy (elections, freedom of speech …etc)The dialogue forum is an interactive workshop discussing this year’s theme, What is Democracy? In the context of its social and political meaning. DEDI opens a call for participation, rates and selects candidates, and then invites 24 participants equally divided between Egyptians and Danes to attend the forum. Selection criteria are age, diversity of backgrounds, the potential of democratic application and English proficiency. Together with 3 artists/trainers and the DEDI team, they will all engage in experimental activities to further explore and develop the themes. The workshop uses a variety of creative media and tools to investigate and express the different facets of Democracy. Workshop outcomes will be documented and published.

Objective: The objective is to gather young representatives from each culture to together discuss critical topics related to the concept of democracy. While being engaged in the forum workshop, participants will build their capacity in terms of abstract knowledge, communication skills and tools of expression.