Dec 30

Dialogue Forum 2014 book

The Dialogue Forum is one of the important reoccurring activities of the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI).
Forums are arranged once or twice annually to give groups of young Egyptians and Danes the opportunity to meet and discuss specific current topics.
For six days during the summer of 2014, the Forum took place in a retreat on the North Coast of Egypt and was attended by twenty-two Egyptians and Danes. Besides that, the staff and Director of the Institute, together with a group of Dialogue Ambassadors participated, facilitating the different activities, games and discussions.

From the enthusiastic report of the Forum in 2014 – written by Yusra Badr – one gets an understanding of the dynamics of an event where the participants met for the first time, broke the ice, and engaged frank and forthright in important discussions on the topics of democracy, justice and equality; all participants contributing to the discussions and sharing their experiences and insights.
As assignments in creative writing handed in by the participants are presented in the report, unique personal testimonials covering the topics add to the understanding of the dreams and aspirations that underlie the debates.
We hope that the report will give an idea of the content of the meeting and be a source of inspiration and further constructive debate.


Now you can view and download our  Dialogue Forum Book Here