Aug 20

“Dilhekaya” in Denmark!


Dilhekaya is  an initiative to revive the art of oral folk and fairytale storytelling in a comprehensive and attractive manner enters its second year with 3 performances in the Denmark.  Since its launch it was able to collect, record and perform an artistic bundle of Egyptian and Danish stories. They have been performed in public places, distributed online and on a CD.

Samia Jaheen will be performing the stories and distributing signed CDs this week in 3 different cities in Denmark to the Arab-speaking communities, namely Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus.

Fairy Tales and folk storytelling are an important element of popular culture in Egypt. Egypt had a vibrant oral storytelling tradition as they were important family activity. They were also a form of artistic expression. Many stories were never recorded or transcribed; only depended on the storytellers’ memory. This tradition is gradually eroding and this where Dilhekaya comes in.

This is the first effort to contribute to reviving some of the stories and storytelling activity.

As a next step, DEDI will be starting a platform online to publish more stories and have a continuous calendar of storytelling events. “Dilhekaya” will be launching its new album later this year.

To see one of Dilhekaya’s videos, press Here 

For more information, Please visit Dilhekaya website

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