Dec 27

Ears Wide Open

Ears Wide Open, The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute project concerning music education, had workshops with instant composition, stomp and vocal improvisation, and concerts in Copenhagen in September 2014 and workshops in Cairo in October 2014.
In Denmark we had workshops with instant composition at Vedbæk School and Frederiksberg Gymnasium, stomp workshops at Rysensteen and Ishøj Gymnasium, and a concert at Literaturhaus.
In Egypt, we had workshops with instant composition and vocal improvisation at Egypt Public Library, the community center Art El Lewa, the Cairo University in Gizaو and Waly Nezar school in El Fayoum, with students and teachers at Faculty of Music Education at the Helwan University in Cairo and Awtar Quartet musical band.

About Ears Wide Open
Ears Wide Open is a music concert project, which aims to develop new ways to address the intercultural dialogue and intercultural musical cooperation, through creative musical processes (CMP). The concert project is carried out with the collaboration between Egyptian and Danish music professionals in order to develop tools for working with CMP as part of an artistic and a cultural awareness, and in order to strengthen the involvement of culturally marginalized groups.