Jun 25

Egypt Photo Marathon 2012

Egypt Photo Marathon 2012 provided an opportunity for photo enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals to engage creatively with photography, and to spark an interest in an open up a gameful and inspirational space for elaborations of art- and documentary photography without any obligations other than those outlined by the ground rules of the photography competition.

Inspired by the Danish Photo Marathon, and built upon the success of the Cairo Photo Marathon 2011, the event ran on April 14, 2012 in 3 cities simultaneously for two phases of 6 and 12 hours. Partner cities were Ismailia, Alexandria and Cairo. All participants commenced the marathon from the same platform in the respective cities, where they were given the task to interpret a set of themes revolving around the notions of Leadership, Decision-Making, and Co-Existence.

Themes were disseminated in Arabic. English-language contextual elaborations and interpretations are made available on www.egyptphotomarathon.com
On May 20,2012, the Cairo Image Collective CIC hosted the Egypt Photo Marathon 2012 exhibition. This exhibition showed case the results, whose themes revolve around the notions of Leadership, Decision-Making, and Co-Existence.

From July 5-17, the exhibition will be hosted in Alexandria Atelier.