Mar 19

Egyptian Contemporary Dance

This weekend, Egyptian artist Shaymaa Shoukry will be presenting a double bill performance at Cairo’s Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF). With DEDI’s support, the performances will be travelling to Denmark in June 2018 as part of the CPH STAGE festival. The double bill has already toured in The Netherlands and Scotland, where it was nominated for the dance category in the prestigious Total Theatre Award of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Details of the Cairo performances are below.

The Resilience of the body (Arab world premiere)
By Shaymaa Shoukry
Contemporary Dance
Language: Arabic and English

About the artist
Shaymaa Shoukry is a multidisciplinary artist coming from a visual arts background, interested in integrating diverse disciplines in her creations from choreographing and performing to creating video art. She is currently interested in researching the origin of the movement, repetition and transformation. Always questioning approaches to sharing her artistic practice with the public from diverse backgrounds and various landscapes. Shoukry is the Artistic Director and co-founder of Dayer Company for Artistic Productions based in Egypt.

About the performance
The Resilience of the body,
Testing the ability to recover from or adjust to. Post the spring, post hoping for change: How can we keep going? A solo that aims to find continuity and perseverance in the world we live in today.
Technical and Light Design: Saber el Sayed
Music: Mohamed Shafik
Dayer production
Coproduction: Arab Arts Focus
Creation residency & rehearsals: Cairo Contemporary Dance Center
Duration of the performance: 20 minutes
Special Thanks: Mahmoud El Hadad

Portray (Arab world premiere)
Contemporary Dance
Performance: Noura Seif
Choreography: Shaymaa Shoukry
Technical and Light Design: Saber el Sayed & Philipe Mounir
Music: Mohamed Shafik
Duration of the performance: 25 minutes

About the performance
Portray is created with an urge to unravel the layers of a body through its reservoir. Tapping into the timeless states of being, connecting through the bliss of letting go. Portray is a continuation of Shoukry’s choreographic curiosity about inner movement, repetition and transformation.

Photo by: Daniel Salib