Dec 15

Media as a bridge of understanding: how to fight the state of polarization

How to end the state of polarization and turn the media into a bridge of understanding, instead of a fight zone? This question was the main topic of discussion in the exceptional session, held by DEDI Media Club (DMC), a subsidiary of the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute, for it’s of great importance especially with the aggravation of the state of polarization reached by the Egyptian street today. It’s becoming more and more necessary to find a way to make the media play a positive role in ending the state of polarization and creating a bridge of understanding that allows the overpassing of the current impasse.

In this exceptional session, participated Mr. Ayman Al Sayyad, chief editor of “Weghat Nazar” magazine and former adviser to the President for Media Affairs, who is also the moderator for this session. Other participants include Ahmed Abu-Haiba, executive director of “Masr 25” Channel; Albert Shafik, director of ON TV Channels; Sherif Amer, TV host of “Al-Hayat Al-Youm” program, and Nader Bakkar, a member of the supreme council of Al-Nour party.