Nov 12

Mini Cairo III

How do you make an animation movie? How do you run a daily newspaper? What happens inside a film studio? What is the purpose of advertisement?

From the 9th to the 14th of September 2019, a small, model-like film production center was set up, in which children in age 6-15 had the opportunity to engage in different activities in the field of media and film production. Throughout the week the children had the choice of following workshops and activities, led by experienced media artists and film educators from Jesuit Film School, Denmark and Germany. The aim was to give the children an introduction to the means of media production, let them make their first critical experiences with medias and complement their knowledge about the creation of different visual media productions.

One of the activities was the Animated Learning Lab where Danish Tina Klemmensen from VIA University College in Denmark, introduced the children to the basic technics of animation. The children would start the day with singing a song in Danish, and then work on small stop-motion animation movies within the topic of recycling.

It is possible to see the animation movies here:


The project was the 3rd “mini Cairo” project arranged by Jesuit Animation Film School in Cairo in collaboration with DEDI.