Oct 03

More Film… More Expression

Tales are the most prominent cultural component in Egypt, especially in Upper Egypt, whether oral  like the  grandmothers stories  or  various popular local  SIRA  such Helal’s biography , so it was our choice of storytelling as a  simplistic input can create intimacy between these young people and the film.This project depends mainly on the training of young people in the thirsty Upper Egypt  on the use of film as a means of storytelling and expression, the  film is a medium meant primarily drama ,stories, feelings and ideas, cinema that art that most of the people watching it  in the final image in the theatres  without knowing  anything about it’s industry  , believing firmly that it is too far from  them as well as being so complicated for them, this was the main goal is to bring together these young people who feel marginalized for being away from everything in the capital, and the film industry that the digital make it  more democratic and allow for us to use the film as a mediator to tell our personal stories through  we can face our concerns .Participant Engagement and Dialogue:
The participants in the workshop were around 25 the we selected a number of 16 person to get the technical training , most of them are students.

What did they benefit from being part of our project?
Participants learned the principles of filmmaking, and practiced for the first time during the workshop. Their cinematic taste has evolved with their critical and creative thinking,• Their ability to work together through their work has evolved throughout the workshop in teams.