Mar 11

Opening of “Doing Well, Don’t Worry”, at the 3rd edition of Aswan International Women Film Festival.

The exhibition “Doing Well, Don’t Worry”  had a well-attended opening at the Aswan International Women Film Festival, and during the days of the Festival many visitors used this opportunity to see the exhibition.

Among the guests were the renowned actress Ms. Mohsena Tawfik, who was honored at the opening ceremony the evening before, for her artistic choices and the characters and roles she has played through her long career.

Present was also the Ms. Presant Gheda, daughter of the actress Hind Rustum.

The life-story of Hind Rustum is one of the features of the exhibition.

This is the third time we have the chance to present the exhibition, earlier it has been shown in Cairo and Beirut.

Being invited to present the exhibition at a women’s film festival attests to the close link between the ideas behind the exhibition, where a range of stories about women’s lives are presented with a focus on work, migration and transformation, and films, especially documentaries: narratives based on real and individual life-stories found in archives or documented through interviews, presented to give a general description of a topic, a theme or a historical era.

Women and Memory Forum in Cairo, The Women’s Museum in Denmark and DEDI were those active in arranging the exhibition in Aswan, with generous support of the Danish organization KVINFO.