Jul 01

People meeting 2015

A Delegation from the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute, DEDI, participated in the Peoples’ Meeting that has been held in Bornholm in Denmark in June 2015.
The purpose of the participation of DEDI is to present the institute as an inter-governmental organization which is concerned with the dialogue between the Egyptian and the Danish peoples. We show, through our projects and activities, that dialogue is quite a beneficial tool for everyone and every organization in order to reach common grounds and resolve conflicts.
The activities of DEDI in the Peoples’ Meeting 2015 included a session about the role of DEDI in Egypt, where the director and the staff of DEDI introduced the work of the institute in the fields of culture, politics, and media.
DEDI had three panels as well where Pernille Bramming, from the Weekendavisen Danish Newspaper, has been carrying out some interviews about the role DEDI plays in the fields of media, politics, and culture as a mean of participation in Egypt.
There is the tent of DEDI which had also been hosting a music concert performed by Maktoub, an instrumental music project founded by the three musicians Ahmed Maher (oud), Ayman Mabrouk (percussion) and Wael el Sayed (accordion). The band is exploring a new genre of music that is true to classical Arabic music and jazz’s real soul, beats and live improvisation.

About the Peoples’ Meeting or Folkemødet

The People’s Meeting (Folkemødet in Danish), is an annual political festival; a unique platform with open debates where politics meets citizens, businessmen, and organizations under informal patterns.
The purpose of the meeting is to support democratic dialogue, create the framework for meetings with and between decision-makers at all political levels and interest groups, create a vibrant and open framework for the development of inspiration for policy-formation, and to promote the people’s influence and understanding of society’s framework.
The events of the Peoples’ Meeting will be held in meeting rooms, ships, tents, open air spaces, restaurants, etc. The events will spread over an area, which extends over approximately one kilometer – from Allinge Airport to the south till Danchells Plant in the north.


  • A discussion about the role and the activities of DEDI in the fields of media, politics, and culture as a mean of participation in Egypt and Denmark.
  • The session is addressing the political projects of the institute in Egypt. The participants in the session include Mrs. Shahdan Arram, the Program Officer of Politics and Democratisation at the institute, Dr. Nadine Abdallah, the political researcher and writer, and Mohamed Farid, a member of the Free Egyptians political party.
  • A session about the cultural projects of the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute, (DEDI), including Cairo Downtown Passages. The participants at the session included Mr. Mohamed Abu Terra, the Program Officer of Culture as a mean of participation in DEDI, Mr. Omar Nagaty, the founder and the director of CLUSTER, the main partner of the Cairo Downtown Passages project who presented a detailed demonstration of the project during the session.