Mar 06

Rediscovering Forgotten Urban Heritage in Upper Egypt

On February one of DEDI’s partners through the Heritage Network, Takween arranged an inspiring presentation of their ongoing project with the long name “Integrated Development Approaches for Forgotten Urban Heritage in Upper Egypt: Rediscovering Esna’s Cultural Heritage Assets (RECHA) Project”.

It is a project, which among other things, tries to secure a larger focus on other heritage sites in the Upper Egyptian town Esna than the famous temple of Khnum from the Roman period. Therefore, buildings, architecture and crafts in the town are registered and documented through photos, sketches and description – in order to highlight these as interesting for visitors, and of course also for their importance as part of the material and immaterial heritage of the town and Egypt in general.

The presentations and discussions were accompanied by an exhibition of photos and sketches from Esna.

The work and research of Takween fit well with DEDI’s wish to support heritage preservation, which integrates economic development, local participation and a range of other aspects in the process of preservation.