Dec 09

Sanduq El Donia at the Child Museum!

The interactive project, “Sanduq El Donia”, is now being exhibited at the Child Museum in Heliopolis. Sanduq El Donia could be translated as “the world in a box” and offers an exciting possibility for all family members to have a tour through time and place, discovering Egypt’s past, present and future.

Sanduq El Donia consists of a large touchscreen installation giving access to a vast collection of historical and contemporary photographs and material on Cairo’s urban heritage. It also works as a gateway for the public to debate and reflect on the historical development of Cairo, offering the users a unique look at Cairo’s past and present by digitally navigating through the city.

The touchscreen was designed as an Egyptian parallel to the award-winning project “The Wall”, pioneered by the Museum of Copenhagen with the Gibson Group. Sanduq El Donia was initiated by DEDI in 2012.

Sanduq El Donia is still “open” and the visitors are encouraged to contribute to the collection of historical and contemporary photographs on the database.

It is possible to experience Sanduq El Donia at the Child Museum in Heliopolis every day from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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