Jul 27

Sanduq el Dunia

Sanduq el-Dunia is a gateway to debate, discuss and dream about the future of Cairo and its historical development, where layers of the city’s history, memory and heritage is brought to life using state-of-the-art technology, offering the user a unique look at Cairo’s history by digitally navigating through its past.
Sanduq el-Dunia’s approach to city history and culture was designed according to the award-winning project the Wall*/Væggen pioneered by the Museum of Copenhagen with Gibson Group. The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute in Cairo incubates the project since 2011.
Sanduq el-Dunia’s website allows the public to preview and explore the existing database of images. Users can also contribute by uploading their own images to the database.
The project consists of two platforms:

  1. The website, acting as an interactive platform with a mini cityscape. The website allows users to explore, share and discuss the city.
  2. A mini Sanduq el-Dunia, featuring the entire cityscape on an interactive preview wall on a 75″ touchscreen.

Sanduq el-Dunia website: www.sanduqeldunia.com
Sanduq el-Dunia Facebook page: fb.com/sanduqeldunia