May 10

Storytelling Through Spatial Interventions – Exhibition Design and Context

A Public lecture and talk on Exhibition Curation.
Storytelling Through Spatial Interventions – Exhibition Design and Context
Thursday 10th of May 2018 at 07:00 pm at The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute premises.
Johan Carlsson, architect, designer and founder of the Danish architecture studio JAC studios introduces their work within exhibition design.
Founded in 2009, JAC Studios was established as a response to find a balance between, or a framework from where to explore spatial interventions and storytelling from both a practical and propositional perspective.
Since its inception, JAC Studios, comprised of a team of architects, designers and artists, has developed a more specific focus on interior architecture, and predominantly exhibition design, working on internationally renowned projects such as the Yumin Art Nouveau Collection in South Korea, and House of Sweden in Washington D.C., as well as UNESCO world heritage sites such as the Icefjord Centre in Greenland, and the Wadden Sea Centre in Denmark.
The talk will open up on perspectives in contemporary exhibition design and communicative spaces
evaluated by storytelling, heritage, aesthetics, materiality, sustainability and user participation.