Apr 16
Tri City Event

Tri-City Photo Marathon 2018

The Photo Marathon invites everyone interested in photography to creatively engage with 10 themes over the course of 10 hours. It is an interactive day open to all kinds of photographic practices and no prior experience in photography is required for participation.
For the Cairo leg of the marathon, participants can pick up the themes and hand in their photos at three anchor points in Downtown (Contemporary Image Collective – CiC), Al Khalifa (Megawra) and Heliopolis (Photopia). In the middle of the day, all participants meet in the three stations to pick up the themes for the afternoon, to share experiences and eat lunch together. Participants can use mobile, digital or analogue cameras to shoot their photos. Several prizes are awarded by a jury in each of the three cities independently. The winning photos, as well as images from each participant, will be shown in an exhibition that takes place shortly after the marathon at CiC.
Built upon the enthusiastic response to the past editions of the Photo Marathon in Egypt and Palestine and the long history of the Danish Photo Marathon, the event will run in Cairo, Copenhagen and Ramallah simultaneously.

All participants will start the marathon at the same time, after receiving 4 themes in the morning and 6 in the afternoon to be interpreted in 10 hours. The themes will be circulated in Arabic, English and Danish, and are the same for all three cities. The 10 themes will remain confidential until the competition begins.
You can start and end the Photo Marathon at any of the following anchor points:
a. Contemporary Image Collective – CiC
22 Abdel Khalek Tharwat Street, 4th floor, Downtown
b. Megawra
Megawra al-Khalifa (al-Mustawsaf)
Al-Ashraf street, beside Shajar al-Durr mausoleum, in front of the dome of al-Sayyida Ruqayya, Al-Khalifa
c. Photopia
15 El-Somal st., Korba, Heliopolis

A jury consisting of three recognized photographers and artists will select the winning images. The winners will be selected in accordance with the different themes that form the Photo Marathon. The winning photographs will receive prizes that include professional digital and analogue cameras and other valuable prizes.
– Winners will be announced on 5 May 2018.
– The 40 winning photographs, as well as images from each participant, will be exhibited at CiC after the marathon.
– An exhibition will be held from 8th to 29th of May at Contemporary Image Collective – CiC.

The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) is collaborating with International Media Support (IMS) in Denmark and the Danish House in Palestine, as well as Contemporary Image Collective in Egypt to organize the 2018 Tri-City Photo Marathon. Contemporary Image Collective collaborate with Megawra and Photopia for the implementation of the marathon in Cairo.

For more information and participation steps, follow event facebook page through this link