Jul 29

Youth Essay Contest on Civic Education Award Ceremony

Civic Education is a process that imparts a set of values and principles related to citizenship and effective participation, which empowers citizens with skills that enable them to actively participate in their society on different levels, politically, socially and economically and enhances the spread it enhances certain values like dialogue, respect, and understanding.

In May 2016, DEDI announced the “Essay contest for youth” for Egyptian youth aged between 20-35, to write in Arabic on How to enhance Civic Education in Egypt? The contest provides an opportunity for better sustainable contact with the alumni, providing more dynamism to the content and knowledge tools the program provides and enhances the program main theme outreach capabilities in Egypt.

The essays received were evaluated by a panel that includes the prominent journalist Mohamed Said Mahfouz, as well as Noha EL-Nahas the communication manager at DEDI and CEFP program coordinator. The awards reception was held on 27th July, 2016 to honor the top three winners as well as ten most distinguished essays. The first winner was awarded by electronic reading devices while the second and third runners got books’ vouchers. Hans Christian DEDI director and Mohamed Saied Mahfouz handed the certificates to the young writers after an interesting discussion on civic education challenges and opportunities.

Articles Link: http://www.cefp-edu.com/en/News/Details/2060/the-most-distinguished-essays-in-the-youth-es